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Augment the predictability of your stocks


Keep your shoppers delighted with the optimal price points


Gain better estimates for your promotional campaigns

Historical Analysis

  • Track performance across channels/outlets
  • Diagnose previous campaigns
  • Adjust forecasting methods
  • Views impact across channels/outlets

Demand Analysis


  • Experiment with prices
  • Measure impact on complements and substitutes
  • Gauge prices for new products (coming soon)
  • Inspect marginal imoact of campaigns
  • Gauge optimal campaigns based on targets (coming soon)

Promotions Analysis

Shopper Analysis


  • Track the journey across touchpoints (funnel)
  • Segment and gauge performance
We use a combination of embedding, aggregation and extrapolation techniques to add value to the original raw data before connecting it to our proprietary sources in order to grow the asset value. The significant enhancements are meant to allow users to easy engineer different features when constructing models on the platform.
We understand that every retail business is unique and thus the tools for data science have to cater for that. Our algorithms and models are transparent to users in order to allow them to tweak the parameters to match the business objectives. Users are also encouraged to ask our helpline or read the internal wiki should they have any questions about what is best for their business.
There are too many research papers in the artificial intelligence realm. We comb through them to study relevant research materials and open source projects so that users don’t have to. In order to boost the effectiveness of the platform, we are constantly engineering new possibilities behind the scenes to create a better data science experience.

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