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The average retailer leaves millions of dollars on the table every year. Don't be average - it's not that hard.
haste tech
haste tech

Bad Forecasting

Cash locked in inventory?

haste tech

Bad Pricing Estimations

Monthly sales constantly damaged?

haste tech

Bad Promotion Planning

Margin constantly eroded?

How often do you wonder?

  • How did I perform last month?
  • How much stock should I carry?
  • How should I price my products?
  • How will these promotions impact me?

Start finding the answer

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Augment the predictability of your stocks


Keep your shoppers delighted with the optimal price points


Gain better estimates for your promotional campaigns

How it works


Set up your dashboard

No integrations required to get started. Just upload your files, map the attributes and you are good to go. Set-up your account for free. No credit card required.


Test drive the system

Once you are in, play around with the features to get a sense of whether this platform fits into your workflow.


Select your plan

When you are ready, make a decision about what features you will need and select the right plan for you.

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